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It is a product made from hand-harvested Trebbiano and Lambrusco DOC grapes, which are lightly pressed and destemmed. Later, thanks to the yeasts present in the peel, they are left to partially ferment and are cooked over low heat until the color of the must becomes caramel. Then begins the refinement phase in different wooden barrels (locust, cherry, chestnut, oak, mulberry and juniper) and decreasing capacities. Each type of wood gives the vinegar different colors, flavors and aromas: for example, the cherry sweetens the flavor, the mulberry gives a denser texture and the chestnut gives a darker and more intense color. The product does not contain dyes, thickeners and preservatives and it is recommended to store it at room temperature away from sources of heat or cold.


At the end of the refinement phase, after 12 years, the “lobster sticker” will have a strong volatile acidity, a light brown color and a soft, delicate scent that releases fresh and fruity scents with significant varietal notes. Its good acidity makes it perfect on meat carpaccio or in marinades, widely used in the kitchen for the preparation of cooking stocks for game and fish.


At the end of the refinement phase, in our case after 20 years, the “silver sticker” has a higher concentration than the lobster: this attenuates the perception of acidity and overall gives a bittersweet flavor, the aroma is more intense and rich of hints given by the wood of the barrels with a slight tendency to sweet. These characteristics make it ideal for accompanying boiled meats, beef fillets, aged cheeses and for creaming risottos, especially if prepared with vegetables or shellfish.


At the end of the refinement phase, in our case up to 50 years, the “gold stamp” is very dense, persistent on the palate with an intense flavor that tends to sweet. It has an extremely complex and varied aroma that gives it a unique versatility in the culinary field. This extraordinary product can enhance the flavor of many foods: it can be used on fresh or cooked fruit, chocolate desserts or with custard, as a filling for panettone or strudel and can also be combined with savory dishes such as the noblest and tastiest cheeses.

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